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Wayeb (end of the Mayan year) 2022

Once again we have been invited to Wayeb by Nana Marina to celebrate the last 5 days of the Mayan year.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to witness this powerful time and for Malaya to

be able to be a part of it.

Interestingly we were invited to another Wayeb some time after. Different groups read the calendar differently so according to the Mayas in Solola, the last day of the year was on 4th of March and their ceremony was completely different. They lit two fires- for the end and the beginning of the year. Everything was very precise and organised. There were no foreigners other than us. The ceremony lasted for a very long time but we had to leave after 6 hours due to transportation arrangements.

Video: Tatas passing the year carriers / Wayeb in Solola

We have been living in Guatemala for over 2 years and we are getting more and more familiar with Mayan ceremonies, culture and believes.

One thing I know is that I still barely know anything. I am witnessing just a very tiny fracture of their incredible, vast cosmovisión.

During the Wayeb this year I received many gifts.

Perhaps the most important shift this year was starting my own authentic relationship with the fire.

The Mayans are so connected that you start remembering just by being with them.

I am a witness, always observing carefully. I’ve been feeling out of place at times. I am not Mayan yet I ended up here in this land and became a guest at their sacred ceremonies. I’ve been feeling lost at times wishing that my ancestors could also keep their fire burning and their traditions alive. A part of me feels sad that I didn’t grow up with ancestral practices and spirituality around me.

This year I decided to sit with the fire and talk to it honestly. I was alone and I just wanted to be myself in the presence of the powerful Abuelo Fuego 🔥

I discovered this intimate connection that felt different and very authentic.

I felt like a little girl, exploring something for the first time. Fascinated by all the images, all the energies, everything that was going on. There was a whole universe in there.

It was so pleasurable and exciting for me to be with myself and be with the fire.

I discovered that I actually really like myself and I am fun to be around 🤩

I was able to have a very deep conversation and hold space for many perspectives within myself.

I could be completely honest.

🔥 Because the fire doesn’t judge

The fire accepts me fully as I am 🔥

In its presence I started to accept myself and give myself permission to just be and to be true to myself at any given moment.

To express my true feelings, doubts, worries, desires and joys.

To listen of the ancient voices.

To connect with ancestors.

I had a puro (tobacco) reading during the Wayeb that helped me to look deeper and realise what was missing.

When Malaya started to walk we removed our altar as she was breaking things.

Slowly, the spiritual practices, the moments of deep connection with the Spirit started to become less and less frequent. The time by the altar was eventually replaced by the time online.

I knew something was missing.

Now I know I was missing the connection. True connection with myself and the Spirit.

I was so absorbed by the mundane and material that I neglected the spiritual.

When I sat with the fire I realised that this is exactly what I want to be doing every evening. I want to show my commitment. I am ready to learn.

When I resumed my morning water prayers I realised that this is what I need to start my day from a more connected space.

I missed my connection to the elements. I missed my connection to the ancestors and the Spirit.

Being in the presence of the Mayans, powerful abuelas from Mexico and elders from other traditions helped me to find this connection again.

It’s not about copying them. I don’t have to pray in their language, I don’t have to wear the same clothes or have the same rituals.

It’s about being inspired by their connection enough to cultivate mine.

And that’s what I received. The inspiration to connect.

Once I did, I was warmly welcomed back.

This was the first Wayeb without Tata Pedro but his presence was felt all throughout.

It was beautiful to witness his family continuing his vision with such dedication. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for them without Tata being there physically for the first time. I looked at all the family members, all his friends, all the people who loved him and I felt so much gratitude for what he’s done and the community he built.

Deep gratitude for Tata, his family, elders and wisdoms keepers. For everyone who showed up.

I am so blessed to be able to experience it with my loves Malaya and Angelo

Thank you

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