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The Lost Baby

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

One of the biggest initiations in life is giving Birth.

Another one is miscarrying a baby.

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You came here for a brief moment.

What a surprise!

Unexpected but accepted.

You brought so much uncertainty and so much joy.

You changed our plans, changed our relationship, changed our lives.

You sat there quietly, didn’t make your presence noticed.

Then your existence was revealed and you shook our world.

You brought us back to our centre.

You reminded us of our priorities.

You revealed to us of our incredibly strong love for each other.

I had a dream of birthing you. A perfect little girl.

When everything was back in harmony, you left.

Again, unexpectedly.

We were not prepared for receiving you and we were not prepared for losing you.

As you were leaving, my heart was tearing apart.

My body was bleeding, so was my soul.

Shock, pain, confusion.

It happened so fast.

One day we were talking about you, next day you were gone. Just like that.

Acceptance, trust and gratitude.

You came here with a mission and when your mission was complete you left.

Thank you for being with us for three months. Thank you for all the lessons you brought.

I accept this loss and I trust it was a part of the Divine Plan.

You will always be held in our hearts.

Our Angel, our Blessing, our Saviour.

We love you baby Buko ❤

Forever a part of our Family ❤

Forever in hour Hearts ❤


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