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My Mayan Calendar reading

I received my second Mayan calendar reading a few days ago. It was a completely mind blowing experience.

At times I could feel myself being reprogrammed as I was receiving information that turned out to be very significant for me at this moment.

I could feel my beliefs being realigned. Programs washed out of my system. Energy bubbling inside.

There's an man called Mark Elmy who lives by the Lake Atitlan.

When I arrived here in 2020 I was fascinated by Mayan cosmovision and their incredible calendar.

I looked for resources to learn but it was all very confusing and I couldn't find a source that I resonated with... until I came across Mark's website.

Immediately I got excited as I was reading all his words, finally gaining some clarity. Ever since, I have been following his posts.

He posts daily and creates a video every trecena (13 days) in which he speaks of what energies will be present with us during the next 13 days.

2 years later, I found myself sitting in Mark's sacred space, in a round wooden cabin, right by our magical Lake ''Atitlan'', which I found out is not its original name.

Before my reading, Mark decided to spend a good amount of time sharing his wisdom and knowledge about Mayan culture, history and astrology with me.

I couldn't sit still. Partly because I had a strong cup of cacao at home before, partly because the amount of mind blowing information I was receiving was so much for my system to process I had to move and stretch constantly to be able to stay with it. I felt energy constantly moving around my body. I was experiencing waves after waves of chills, giving me confirmation that what he says is true and valuable information. He was very generous sharing so much with me and I was very hungry to receive.

After the ''introduction'' that in itself was already enough for me to be fully satisfied with our encounter, there was much more coming for me. Mark proceeded to read my calendar.

I had a lot of astrology readings of all sorts in the past- Western, Vedic, Native American, Human Design, numerology, you name it. I had Mayan calendar reading too and I read a lot about it online as I was researching before. Despite the fact I accumulated a lot of knowledge ''from the stars'' about myself, Mark still managed to completely blow me away.

The reading gave me a lot of confidence which I started to experience immediately after. I got a lot of confirmation and validation about certain areas of my life that I was unsure about. It helped me to deepen the connection to my gifts and be able to offer more. It truly helped me to understand myself more and see things from a different perspective.

But perhaps the most important outcome of the reading is about my relationship with my partner and the father of my daughter, Angelo. There was an ongoing issue we had that was always in the background, influencing both of us a lot. I tried to ''solve'' it in so many different ways. We had countless conversations and fights about it. I was feeling completely defeated. Why can I not solve this one thing? If he can only change this and give me what I want everything will be fine... but no matter what I did hoping to ''help'' him to change, it was not working.

Guess what? He doesn't need to change it after all! I finally realised that I had an expectation, a belief that I carried for so long that was not actually even mine.

It is so big for me I decided to write about it and if you are interested to read this story, find it HERE.

After the reading, I told Angelo all about it and I was surprised to see that I remembered everything really well. I was so present and attentive that I registered all this information effortlessly. I think it is also easy to remember because it is true.

Mark is an English man who came to the lake many years ago and decided to put an incredible amount of time and energy to learn about Mayan cosmovision in depth and from many sources available to him- different families, elders, anthropologists, books.

There are a lot of ''gringos''- foreigners who travel to other countries, submerge into the culture that is not ''theirs'' and benefit from it in one way or another. But Mark is one of these foreigners that really actually submerged deeply and did the work. There are people who learn some basics and proceed to charge a lot of money for readings or other cultural practices that essentially they have a very little idea about. However, Mark is one of these gems that really has something valuable to offer and he shares abundantly. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for him to achieve everything he did and how much work and effort he had to put into it.

Despite his non indigenous background he is recognised as a spiritual guide- Aj Q'ijab.

I am so impressed and I don't know how can I ever pay back for his generosity.

I decided to write about it because his readings are something I can truly recommend with my heart and if someone feels drawn into getting one I think Mark is a great choice. He is a true master and I believe his words have the power to create a big impact on anyone who chooses to interact with him.

If you are curious about Mayan calendar, check out his website

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