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My Breastfeeding Experience

Breast milk is made of our blood.


Women are capable of turning their blood into food... Food that is not only full of nutrients but also perfectly tailored for our babies and adjust accordingly to their needs.

The wisdom of our bodies is mind blowing. The Divine Intelligence can be noticed so effortlessly in this process.

Why do we still hide it?

Breastfeeding should not be hidden.

It should not be done only behind the closed doors.

It is not shameful, provocative and inappropriate.

Feeding our children is not “flashing our boobs” in public.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful Miracle of Creation and should be treated as such.

Let me share a story...


Recently I went to swim in the magical Lake Atitlan with my daughter. The water was a bit cold but it was a very sunny day with just the right amount of gentle wind.

After our swim Malaya latched on to my breast.

I stood there, holding in my arms skin to skin and I experienced such a profound contentment and happiness the words can’t describe. I was fully present in the moment, able to notice the magnificence of Creation.

I felt the energy of Mother Earth, standing barefoot on the beach. I was wet and the Sun was slowly drying my skin. I felt the gentle breeze caressing my sensitive body.

And I noticed the Oneness.

I felt how everything is working together in perfect harmony.

As I am nourishing my child, I am being nourished by Her, by the Mother of All, by the elements.

How incredible is this Cycle, how touching it is to fully experience the Miracle of Life, even if it’s just a glimpse. Even if after returning home I got caught up in some worries. Even if I got lost in my thoughts again. This glimpse is one of those moments that really changes something deeply.

It brings me one step closer to remembering.

My daughter’s eyes when she looks at me while drinking my milk.

Her little hand massaging the other boob.

Cute sounds she makes that clearly indicate how much she enjoys this experience.

Body pains from nursing a lot at nights.

Bitten and scratched nipples.

Changed breasts shape.

Sharing my body with another being.

It is all worth it. Every pain, every discomfort.

To experience this magic.

To provide for her.

To connect with her.

I experience the Mother of All Creation differently now. I feel her Unconditional Love.

I know She is always there for each of us.

I feel her.

I love her.

I respect her.

I am a Mother and now I know what I want.

To feel myself.

To love myself.

To respect myself.

In my authentic expression, in my Truth.

I am grateful for this profound experience that changed me forever. That allowed me to grow and transform. That allowed me to experience myself and Life in a whole different way.