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''I am a jellyfish''! - Jellyfish Medicine

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

At some point in my life I started to feel like a jellyfish.

I was in the Philippines, in the island called Palawan, where I met Angelo.

I arrived there from Koh Phangan, Thailand.

The transition became pretty painful at some point.

In Koh Phangan (KP), I felt like a beautiful, sexy, juicy Goddess. I felt so good about myself and every day was beautiful and magical. I must say that this small, Thai island is one of my favourite places in the world but it has a big shadow. It reminds me of the energy of cannabis. It keeps you high and happy but also creates illusions and you might become disconnected if you aren't grounded enough. I was misusing cannabis for many years until I completely stopped smoking in February 2018. Funnily enough, I said my goodbye to Santa Maria in KP.

(My story about it is HERE <- CLICK .).

(My post about Koh Phangan is HERE <- CLICK)

The energy of Palawan is very different to Koh Phangan. You don't really see half naked people walking everywhere, sipping on coconuts or hear casual conversations about tantra, astrology or meditation. Basically, the island hasn't been taken over by the hippies 🤣 Coming from a spiritual bubble of KP to Palawan made me feel... dry and somehow disintegrated...

No more of this juiciness and orange energy around me. I was there becoming more and more flaccid every day. Exactly like a jelly.

At some point this thought arrived: ''I am a jellyfish''.

The thought became very intrusive. What does it even mean?

I was walking around a ''Hub'' (I'll explain what it is it one day...) and smelled tobacco coming from a storage room. I came in and saw Angelo with our friend Margalit discussing something (he was still smoking at that time (the story about him quitting is HERE). I joined the conversation and decided to share my feelings with them. ''I am a jellyfish''- I complained...

I don't remember much after that other than this clear image of Angelo standing on one leg, telling me that the Spirit welcomes me home. I remember situations when I experience a strong waves coming through my body and it was one of these moments. I don't even know how is it related to the jellyfish but that day we had our first deep conversation. Many more followed after.

I stayed with my jellyfish feeling until I started to go deeper into it.

What does it mean to be a jellyfish?

I started to research and found out some awesome things about these weird beings.

I was becoming really amazed by them and realised it is not bad to be a jellyfish. It arrived to me to teach me something, just like a potato arrived to me long time after to bring its teachings.

(the story about it is HERE).

These are my jellyfish notes I made in Palawan and put up my wall to remind me of the teachings.

After my meeting with the potato and the jellyfish, I realised how important it is to pay attention to these thoughts because they arise for a reason.

If we find some time to contemplate and learn about these plants, animals or objects that come to our awareness, we can understand ourselves more and see our process from a different perspective.

How do you feel today?

How have you been feeling lately?

If you had to describe it as something other than the feeling itself what would it be?

What does this thing represent?

Can you see the other side of it?

What message does it bring?

UPDATE: One day after writing this post, I was walking on the street in San Pedro and saw painting on the wall:

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