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How Innerdance healed my back injury

My spine visibly straighten up after facilitating an innerdance session.

Do you like stories about miracles? Or perhaps you consider unusual events as lucky coincidences? Read on and decide for yourself if I experienced a miracle or the flow of events was just a weird coincidence.

In December 2021 I attended a very powerful Peyote ceremony. The collective theme was about healing ancestral trauma.

After the ceremony I gave a few massages. After the first one, I felt a strong pain in my back but I kept going as I had 5 people wanting to receive and I am yet to learn to prioritise my health over others. The pain continued over the days but I thought it will go away so I went to the New Year's Eve and continued as normal despite my messed up back. On the 2nd of January, I decided to go to the Hot Pools, hoping it will bring some relief. That night I got a fever and chills and started vomiting. I woke up with an extreme back pain. I could barely walk. The pain was unbearable. I had to stay in bed for the next few days. After a while, the pain reduced to the point I could function again but I was suffering a lot. I couldn't bend, I wasn't even able to reach my knees. I was in this state for the next few months. The pain became a part of my everyday life. I could see how it is affecting my actions, thoughts and emotions. I started to feel a deep compassion for people who live with chronic pain. How can someone live like this? I've been lucky enough so far to never have experienced such a strong, physical pain in my life before so I had no clue how hard it is for people who live with it. You can't just stop thinking about it or take a break because it is there allllll the freaking time...

On the 22nd of March we decided to hold an innerdance session in our friends house. Angelo, our friend Veronique and I were facilitating and we had 3 friends participating.

The session was very powerful and each person felt its impact on a deep level.

At one moment I fell on my knees, with my forehead touching the ground.

I know this position very well. I went into it a few times during plant medicine ceremonies and it is always followed by some incredible vision, blessing or revelation. The last time I went into this position on the Ayahuasca ceremony. I was preparing my body to conceive my daughter and asking for guidance. During this time I saw the Mother herself coming down the pyramid and giving me a blessing. It was one of the most beautiful and unforgettable moments of my life.

Every time it happens, my body just gets into this position without me even thinking about it. It feels as if I am suddenly pulled down by an invisible force but it does not feel forceful. It feels as my body must be in this position to receive. It feels very humbling and I am always overwhelmed by gratitude at this moment.

That's how it felt during this session. I was in the position and I could feel the pain in my lower back. I didn't have any vision at this time but all my awareness was there, I knew something was happening.

I woke up the next day, being able to bend as before again. I regained my flexibility and the pain was completely gone. I could not believe it.

I previously asked Angelo to take a photo of my back while I was in pain and I discovered that my scoliosis that I already fixed before was back. I was shocked and upset... how could it be?!

After that innerdance session I asked him to take another photo of my back and to my surprise my spine was completely straight again!

I was contemplating this situation and remembered my trip to Peru. In the Amazon I participated in a series of ceremonies with a group of people. One woman arrived there with an intense body pain. She was violently attacked and unfortunately it left her with serious injuries. We were all sitting down during ceremonies but she had a permission to lie down due to the pain. During one ceremony, the curandero said she's undergoing an operation and advised her to lie down without moving. After that night, her pain was gone... I witnessed several events during that time that I consider as miracles.

The only other space that feels similar to me is innerdance. It reminds me a lot of plant medicine ceremonies. During all the years participating in or facilitating innerdance sessions I have been witnessing numerous miracles.

Being a part of such life changing ceremonies and sessions definitely has an impact of perceiving the world- I know that healing is possible in many ways that we can't even imagine or explain yet.

I performed massages after which some people were becoming free of chronic pain. Some people changed their life in a significant way. I even helped a woman who was unable to walk for many months- she started to walk without support after receiving my massage. It would be tempting to say that I did it but I am sure I did not, I was nothing more than a vessel at these moments.

I believe that this energy that we can sometimes tap into is limitless and not bound by the laws of our dimension. I believe it not because I read it or someone told me. I believe it because I experienced it several times and I have seen others experiencing it.

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