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''I am a potato''... - Potato Medicine

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

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''A potato''

My body is a miraculous vessel through which a beautiful soul has chosen to arrive Yet I feel like a potato

I brought her to this realm at home, naturally and consciously Yet I feel like a potato

I let the portal open and went through my initiation with clarity, integrity, courage, confidence and strength Yet I feel like a potato

My vessel has healed really fast. I look almost like before, there are no visible changes Yet I feel like a potato

I am Love. I am a badass, strong, amazing mama bear..

So why do I feel like a potato? ....

This is a ''poem'' I have written when I was 3 months postpartum.

I shared it on my personal Facebook profile and in one of my pregnancy groups.

I did not expect this kind of response but people LOVED it! 😁

Other than getting so much love and support, I realised a lot about potatoes and why it is actually great to be one.

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It is not the first time I started to have a voice in my head, repeating to me every day that I am something else than a ''human'' (am I even that?)...

The first time it happened in the Philippines. ''I am a jellyfish'' - the voice said. I couldn't get this thought out of my head. After getting repetitive messages stating that I am a jellyfish, I decided to explore what is it about jellyfish that I should know. I wrote about it HERE <- click.

Back to the potato.

I felt more like a papaya before... Juicy, orange and sweet. Very tempting. Who can say no to a papaya?

But then the potato feeling appeared... Oh no! I am not juicy anymore. I am invisible, I am boring, I am unnoticeable...

After writing and sharing my poem I started to realise that it is not bad to be a potato.

Potato is an amazing vegetable.

It is so diverse and can take so many forms.

Fries, chips, mash potatoes, baked potatoes....

A potato is delicious on its own but also as a side dish.

It can accompany pretty much anything and it doesn't overpower any other components.

It is nutritious.

Potatoes can multiply themselves!

''Potatoes are mainly propagated by vegetative methods (cloning). Potato tubers have nodes or ''eyes'' from which the new growth begins. The new stems growing from each ''eye'' are called sprouts which giver rise to the new plant.'' (source)

How awesome plants are!

After doing a bit of a research I realised that potatoes are actually not indigenous to Poland... WHAT?! I thought it was our national vegetable ! ...

Turns out that potatoes are ''indigenous to the Andean regions of Peru, Chile and Bolivia, extending northward to the southern Rocky Mountains.'' (source)

So what lessons did potato bring to me?

That even if I might not appear juicy anymore, even if I appear boring or common, I am a mother now. I created another human! I am more diverse now, I have new roles. I can be an amazing company that doesn't need to overpower others. I can be humble yet so special and useful. I have a lot of value even if it can't be seen in an obvious way from the outside.

The potato arrived with a powerful message.

Not everything is as it seems...

How do you feel today?

How have you been feeling lately?

If you had to describe it as something other than the feeling itself what would it be?

What does this thing represent?

Can you see the other side of it?

What message does it bring?

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