lose yourself in the colours

Welcome to the world of shapes and colours!

The clothes can be worn intentionally. 

All these unique pieces have their beautiful shapes and colours that express different things. 

If you decide to put on a certain fabric or a colour combination it will help you to achieve your goal. 

Contemplate on what you would like to connect to and choose the design accordingly.

Often, intuitively we are drawn to certain colours and patterns without knowing what they represent. That's great, it means that our body knows what to decorate itself with! 

Sometimes we could start getting curious about different style and colour palette- perhaps we are ready to step in to something new and get out of the comfort zone. I strongly encourage you to experiment. 

Step up your dressing up game and have fun with it! Touch your clothes, touch your jewellery and ask your body- is it what I want to wear today? Do you want to connect to your creativity, joy and enthusiasm? Perhaps you feel that calm, grounding or pure vibes would fit you more? How about tapping into your passion, love and sweetness? Or maybe you would prefer a touch of elegance, sophistication and mystery? Power and communication? Nobility and royalty? Whatever it is, I got you!

I am offering you this collection of shawls, handmade in Guatemala by Mayan women. These pieces weaved by hand out of pure cotton and each of them require many hours of work, therefore you will feel how special they are. They are dyed using plants only therefore are completely chemical free, soft and feel amazing on the skin. We are used to objects manufactured in factories but I am convinced that handmade items have a different kind of quality to it, that's why some people say that certain objects have a soul. I have only one or two pieces of each design.