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Book your massage experience through my secure online booking system below. 

This is the only way to schedule a session with me. 

Thank you, 



Please make sure you read all the info about my services in the MASSAGE section of my website 

NEW: I now accept outcall bookings for the same price as incalls. Please contact me with your postcode to ask if I cover your area. 

My Offerings

  • Blissful, healing and multidimensional experience. Click on the photo ...

    2 hr

    300 British pounds
  • Blissful, healing and multidimensional experience. Click on the photo ...

    3 hr

    400 British pounds
  • An unforgettable experience together. Click on the photo to read the d...

    3 hr

    400 British pounds

  • I take deposits due to last minute cancellations and for SAFETY reasons. The deposits are processed by a third party and it’s all safe and secure. Please respect it, if you aren’t willing to pay the deposit to book, choose another therapist 

  • I offer 2 and 3 h massages- for longer sessions and private trainings- contact me 

  • The sessions will be taking place in Brixton, London. Zone 2. Minutes away from the tube station. 

  • I absolutely do not offer escort services under any circumstances, my body is sacred and It can’t be entered simply by purchasing it. Always respect my boundaries, if unsure about something- ask me. 

  • I can’t engage in chatting online as it drains my energy.  I need time to spend with my daughter and for self care so I can be balanced and provide exceptional services for you. Please don’t call me online (unless it’s a scheduled call) and don’t bombard me with messages. If you have a questions  that have not been answered on my website, feel free to contact me. 

  • Maintaining healthy boundaries is important to me. Thank you for understanding. 

Allow some time before and after the massage for the preparation, a conversation and integration.
When I meet you I want to know a little bit more about you and create a connection and a safe space for our interaction.
I won't ask you to undress and proceed with the massage immediately the moment we meet. It is a process that should not be rushed.
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